While the team is climbing on their dollar total for their goFundme.com/bananasfll page, they aren’t there yet and could use YOUR help!

With an overall goal of $9000 for the Legoland North American Open tournament clearly in sight, we have only 2 weeks before boarding a plane to California.  The Bananas will be competing against teams from Germany, South Korea, Mexico, the UK, and areas of South America, as well as over 40 other US Champion teams – What an opportunity!

IMG_0052We would love to thank everyone who has contributed at this point, including our awesome corporate sponsors, and ask you all to help us finish the “last mile…”  Can you share this link on your social media pages, or even call your relatives and see if they can help??  WE WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!! – The Bananas

Support us at http://GoFundMe.com/Bananasfll

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